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Marlow (No show) Ashford Town (Mx) DID. What next?


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Ooooh, a bit harsh there on Shortwood United, who've taken voluntary relegation due to the costs of upgrading their ground just as their main sponsor's pulled out.


Very poor (non-)show by Marlow, especially as the home side and on a Saturday to boot. With nothing riding on the game and so close to season's end, logic and common sense would suggest the game and points are awarded to us, but the FA move in mysterious ways sometimes verging on ridiculous so we'll just have to wait an see.

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Sounds like Marlow did a Bedford Town and went on strike....


At around 13.45 today (14th April) with only 1 member of the playing squad at the ground, manager Mark Bartley was trying to make contact with the players who had previously been advised of their selection to establish their whereabouts but was unable to make any contact by telephone or received text replies of “not available”. 
Neither the club nor manager had been made aware of anything untoward prior to this time. 
The match officials and Ashford Town (Mx) officials were immediately apprised of the situation as was the Southern Football League. 
Time was given to see if the situation could be resolved but at 3pm with the situation unchanged Marlow FC confirmed that they were not in a position to fulfil the fixture which was consequently postponed. 
Both Marlow FC and Mark Bartley are trying to establish further details and so no further comment will be made at this stage. 
Marlow FC would like to offer their sincere apologies to the Southern Football League, Ashford Town (Mx) the match officials and all those who attended the ground or are affected or inconvenienced by this issue.

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Ashford further inconvenienced by an incredible ruling making us go back there on Thursday night (remind me again - which team went on strike and failed to turn up originally?), in between two gruelling away trips for our small squad to Moneyfields (remember, we should have played there on Easter Monday but their notoriously poorly draining pitch was waterlogged so we have to fit the game in now) then away to possible champions AFC Rushden and Diamonds on the Saturday. No problem, then.


Three away games, two far from local, in less than four days to complete the season by its 'must finish' date to satisfy the playoff dates and the 'suits'. Hardly the way to finish this Southern League season. Hopefully we'll be in the Isthmian next season, so good riddance.

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