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You're probably all going to jump on me for this but I need to get this off my chest.

I know football is a passionate game and we all like to eff and blind sometimes but some of the language lately has been pretty disgusting. Plus there was a report of one of our supporters doing something utterly abhorrent at this evening's match.

Seriously guys, you need to start reigning this in otherwise you will lose supporters and - it pains me to say this after my long association with the club that I love - I will be one of them

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As one half of the stewards I think I know who you are talking about  if its in the direction of Hasbeen Hill??

If not, I'm not aware of it.

I have had mouth abuse from said person/s and its not on, but nothing happens. Yes the language tonight and like some other match days is also not acceptable, we are a family club, and a line has to be drawn somewhere!!

Abuse at the club is not acceptable,  including between home supporters/officials  AND not acceptable from the visiting away support to home fans/officials like I have heard about tonight.


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After speaking with club officials this morning I think it’s only right the a few things are cleared up in relation to this.

The club does not condone foul and abusive behaviour towards players, officials or staff and has reiterated this the last few years and with a number of posters around the ground highlighting this. 

The behaviour last night was not acceptable, we know who is responsible and the persons involved will be spoken too. I understand that people can get frustrated at games, myself included and some things are directed at players etc. Whilst this happens at all games across the country and is accepted there is a line which shouldn’t be crossed and we are finding on occasions this is being crossed. The use of certain words is just not acceptable. 

I am also aware of a certain accusation towards the same person last night. After speaking with a number of persons we have found no evidence of this incident occurring and therefore would like to squash the rumours around this. 

We have a number of new fans now attending games and do not wish for them to think all of this is acceptable and the ‘Hornchurch Way’. Therefore we as a club will do our upmost to bring this to a complete stop and that people can feel confident coming to games for them to enjoy. 

I can only apologise for last nights behaviour and promise you that words will be had and a repeat of this will not happen.


Up the Urchins.



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Thanks Luke.

If as much energy had gone into encouraging our own players as was directed at opposition players and the referee in the form of abuse, then we might have won last night. 

Abuse thrown at opposition players only makes them more determined in my opinion - I hope I'm not the only one who can see that.

I'll shut up now.



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