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Prediction League - Yep. All done. Well done to play-off victor Urchin Queen

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Obviously you will all have been following the excitement of the Play Off Final on last week's thread, so not too much point in re-stating the outcome.  But for those who need reminding it was the expected canter for Urchin Queen in a one-sided "match" against Dinamo Urchin who is still wondering how he qualified in the first place.  (Final score 11-4 for the stats nerds out there).

So a big welcome to the dog-eat-dog world of UPMINSTA for Mrs Jago - which means all three of the Jago clan are now pottering about in the top division (*subject to rule 3.5).  Accident?  On merit?  Fix?  You decide. 

Many thanks to all who contributed a small portion of their weekly beer money - we will raise around £140 minus paypal costs  - so not as good as usual but it was only half a season.  I won't embarrass you by naming names (MikeM/Colin) but extra thanks to those who chipped in over and above.  And to those of you who still owe, let's see if we can get this up a tad, yeah? (link below). Yes I know it's basically a donation but the competition does take up quite a bit of my time which I like to think is spent in a good cause to help the club.  Plus it keeps the riff-raff out.

NEXT SEASON?   Well let's assume it will happen.  We need a minimum of 21 teams for Diamond Geezer and Urchin Queen to have their promotion confirmed (rule 3.5 innit) but I have a couple of expressions of interest so we should be fine.  And if anyone wants to take over - do let me know as I'm knocking on a bit and if we win the FA Trophy it could be the end of me.  You can even have my spreadsheet.

Meanwhile...  see you at WEMBERLEY, WEMBERLEY


Donation site for those who missed it first time round (or who are overcome by a sudden desire to chuck more in and thereby wallow in a world of unaccustomed magnanimity) ...










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