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seems to be a fair chance of some snow in the south east next week and it being very cold.. of course we could chat about how great snow is and the winters of yesteryear when the thames froze over blah etc etc blah.. but thats far to cheerful, as this is the pub lets discuss something more depressing.


what wont be working next week?


the trains.. the in carrige heating will pack up first then the whole network will come to a frozen points standstill within 4 hours.. how did they manage 50 years ago when the points froze during much colder winters..?


the M11 is a certainty to become a car park for the duration of any cold snap as they will forget to grit it or some stoker will stack his company mondeo doing 90 mph shutting 3 lanes


the little train on southend pier..


my central heating for that week only



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Well our lot (civil service) are supposed to be going on strike next week but unfortunately I'm not in the union!


I'll just have to hope the snow is too bad that I'll have to stay at home!

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Well as for the Railways: 50 years ago when the points failed, they had these big fire-eating dragons called Steam Engines that dropped ashes and boiling water on the points to unfreeze them.Now all they have is styrofoam cups of lukewarm,weak as p*$$ tea to pour on them, if any of the tea bars are open! AHHHH progress!

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What I can't understand, is, how can you have the 'Wrong Kind Of Snow' ???


Personally, I think the rail networks employ 'The Wrong Kind Of People !!" (Or is it the Government's fault ?)

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Zealster EFM 10k said:
Ahh, Ron Nasty, eh?

Ever hear from Dirk McQuickly these days??

<img src="/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

Top man! Your the first [here]to know where it's from.
I'm still sad about Stig O'Hara.
Whatever happened to Leggy Mountbatten??
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I used to love CONnex South Eastern.........i waited 95 mins for a train once at Gravesend.When one arrived i asked the staff what time train this was as i needed it to stop at Greenhithe(before Bluewater made them all stop there).He told me it was the 10-55 which was running 15 mins early to make up for the 3 trains that they had cancelled! I wish i hadn't asked!

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this is a longun but bear with me.. a mate of mine eventually got on a much delayed train one morning 30 mins late .. the announcer said due to unforseen circumstances .. anyway on the train the ticket inspectors came round

'tickets please' ' excuse me sir tickets please'


'er i am sorry but due to unforseen circumstances the production of my ticket has been delayed for 30 minutes'


'so you dont have a ticket then'


no, i am not saying that, i do have a ticket but due to ... etc etc


'look mate if you dont have a ticket im going to have..


'excuse me mr inspector , as i have already told you my ticket will be produced in , er let me see, umm, 28 minutes please call back then'


sensing a rather rebellious mood on the delayed train and much sniggering the inpector left, he dutifully returned at the alloted time tho ..


'ok mate where is this ticket'


'er could i see some i.d. please'




'well you could be anyone , i could get that uniform from a fancy dress shop.. i.d. please..


the inpector didnt have it on him, but by now determined to make a collar he went off got the other inspector who had id and bought him back..


'ticket please sir!'


'certainly ,but he (the one with no id), is not allowed to look at it'


'what? ,


'well he could be anyone, he will have to turn round'


thus said ticket was produced with one inspector looking out the window..


much merriment was had by all


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more amusing tho was the bloke who work up on a relativly late train paniced and thought it was his stop, grabbed his coat and piled out the door...on the wrong side.. as he crawled back in we were pissing ourselves. he climbed up looked sheepish and said ' i suppose you all think thats very funny' and then got out the right side, neglecting to notice that train had stopped about 400 yards short of benfleet station.. he walked the last bit

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