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Pred'n Lg - Play off semi results and Final - by 0845 Sat 18 Dec please


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Sounded like another good all-round team performance up in Finchley.  Keep it going boys, especially as I may actually attend a home game next week.

In the all-important Pred'n Lg play-offs, we had the rather unexpected outcome of wins for two of our long-standing managers, neither of whom is exactly known for their competence. Or indeed remembering to predict in the first place.  You'd have got long odds on that in Corals on Saturday morning, especially after Nick went 4-1 up after the unexpectedly early ko at Huddersfield.


So hard luck to His Lordship and to Nick. Though it does maintain the Lord-Ozz derby which is always a moneyspinner for the club treasurers and may help keep them both afloat.

So it's a FAT TOM DALEY v DINAMO URCHIN final.  Well done to you both and good luck in the final.  It will be nice to have at least one of you jokers back in the top flight.

Please predict on these by 0845 Saturday 18th Dec  

Melbourne City v Melbourne Victory (08:45)
Watford v C Palace
Southampton v Brentford
Southend v Dorking Wanderers (FAT rules apply)
Hornchurch v Horsham

Seville v At. Madrid

See you on Saturday



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How on earth I have I scrambled into the playoffs, let alone the final? 

Melbourne City 2v1 Melbourne Victory (08:45)
Watford 1v3 C Palace
Southampton 1v3 Brentford
Southend 2v2 Dorking Wanderers (FAT rules apply)
Hornchurch 3v1 Horsham
Attendance: 505

Seville 1v2 At. Madrid

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Well.  We are ravaged, yes RAVAGED, by ye olde Covid virus.

But we are troopers.  The show goes on - even though there are only 3 prediction matches left.  Probably down to just the Melbourne derby by the morning!

Anyway, sorry to remind you Jordan, but if it's a draw you LOSE due to finishing lower in the table.  Harsh I know, but if you'd remembered to predict more often you wouldn't be in this position.  So there.

Hasta luego (seeing as it will be decided in Seville and I've always wanted to show off my Spanish O level).
El jefe.


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