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If Carlsberg done Tuesday nights

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Where do you begin looking down on our luck at 2 nil down then before you know it we're 3 v 2 up with 10 minutes to go a little bit gung ho towards the end and cost us dearly albeit a keeping howler,1 point gained or 2 lost it was almost 0 points great entertainment well done to the Borough fans sang all the classics all game long,still in the hunt up the Urchins

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Have to say well done to Haringey as for large parts of the game they were excellent particularly their number 7 who dominated all of the forward movement from them and we never managed to contain him all game... However the lads also struggled to fire for that first 60 minutes baring a few chances in the first half we just seemed to pick the wrong options going forward, shooting instead of passing and passing instead of shooting until we brought our subs on and that changed the game in 12 minutes from going 2-0 down o 3-2 up sadly we couldn't hag on for the 3 points 

on balance I think a point a piece is about right and our lads can learn from last night while I hope Haringey go on and start beating teams around us as last nights match proved they are not a bad side going forward and can be a real handful

on a positive side it looks like a lot of our injured players are getting back to fitness and hopefully will be available during our November run of matches to help share the play amongst the squad.

Up The Urchins.


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Damn - thought it was going to be one of those great Urchins comebacks a la Hastings but it wasn’t to be. Agree, that no 7 caused problems and Haringey looked good offensively . I always thought they looked suspect defensively however , playing the offside trap initially and pulling back the likes of Ola if they sprinted away. They got the first goal , if we had got it , it might have been a different game. Great resilience from us and once that first goal went in for us, we dominated. Just unlucky for their equaliser , keeper did miss it but I blame the rain in the first half 😊Does feel like 2 points dropped but I would have taken that at 73 minutes ! Loving the team spirit. Sam had a great game , held the ball up really well and never had a doubt (ok maybe a tiny one!) about the pen kick. Get those players back and we’ll be a real threat COYU 

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