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the league cushion has been increased by another brace of points to 15 (if purfleet win their 3 games in hand).. plenty of room then to have a crack at progressing in the trophy.. next up stafford rangers, flying high in the 'airsole' league <img src="/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" />

bound to be tough oppoents, dont score many but look to be pretty stingy at the back.. attract good crowds and will be wanting to avenge the f.a. cup defeat at our place a few years back, so i expect it will be a lively atmosphere..

its going to p.ss down tomorrow and looking at their message board the pitch up there can get a bit heavy.. so far this season conditions for football have been good, no bogs, no force 15 gales etc just a couple of chilly nights.. so this will be a test of how the two leagues match up and how this team plays in adverse conditions..

i'd be happy with a draw but i think our boys will be up for a run in this comp and can overcome a few spots of mud on their nice white shorts..


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I tried signing up, but their rules make it near-enough impossible.


Im praying the match wont be off tommorow, I'm not really feeling up for a 4 (Approx.) hour journey to visit a stadium and then make our way home, but stuff happens, I guess that's football..


Good luck to the lad's and I hope it'll be a game to remember, if we could win the league and win the Trophy, it'd be the perfect end to a perfect season!


Sorry to copy CANV's motto, but:


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