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Well we lost Lewis Manor and Jordan Clark, both will be missed, Jordan has made a big impression on the club and I wish both of them well going forward.

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3 hours ago, aka PeteBeatz said:

One player I would like to see return to the club would be Charlie Ruff, with Chelmo blowing the playoffs maybe a possibility. He had a great season and would be a positive signing. 

Agreed. I know we have had him before but I still think it would be a massive statement because of how good he has been in the NLS over the last 2 seasons. Chelmsford are being ripped apart at the moment, that’s what happens when you have a good season but don’t achieve promotion but it will be interesting to see what happens with him considering he has been offered a new contract by Chelmsford but there hasn’t been any confirmation that he will stay. 

We were always going to lose players this season, it comes with the territory but a big squad will be needed next season with all the travelling. The planning would have started the moment we achieved promotion and you need to be ruthless as all the good players will get snapped up early doors. Our signings have been good over the past few seasons and I trust the manager and the board to bring the right players in. Will be interesting to see what happens with Carvalho and Long at Wingate. 

I think keeping players like Scott and Scannell are just as big as any new signings 


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Good thing about our current manager, he's going to know the players at or around this level, and of course Colin is also about. When we get rid of the injuries then I think we already have a squad capable of competing at the higher level, not as if we just scraped home with the league this season. A bit more luck with injuries please next season.


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