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Tonights Game

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We've dropped to 12th - Telford one point ahead for now, with a game in hand.


Still, it does mean Accrington are brought closer to us - and they, Woking and Stevenage can all be caught. 8th place is still there if we put a good run together over the last 5 games. To be mathematically certain of a top 12 finish (and an LDV place) we need 11 points - so 3 wins and 2 draws would do it. With games at home against Northwich & Farnborough to come, that should be within our reach (and anyway, cant see D&R, Scarborough, or Burton, getting maximum points from their final games)

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matrix said:
I do believe that our ground is not currently to league standard. We will not be allowed in the LDV until such time as it is.

Alan W posted on here with a reply from someone at the Football League saying we did meet the criteria. Here's the thread:


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