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Following that article in the Observer a few weeks ago, Gibbos program notes from Saturday see's this buffoon exclaim that he's had loads of messages of support about what was written.

One can only presume this is about him thinking of leaving the club (which unfortinantly he says he won't be doing now <img src="/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />) and not the rest of the tosh that he wrote!

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Actually, word was going around on Saturday that a consortium was ready to step in, had Gibson not bought the club.


So everything would have been okay, whether Gibbo had come or not.


Anyway, some people seem to forget that the fella before Gibson saved the club with 24 hours til closure also. Short memories, some people.



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Comrade Zeal, I too heard about 'The Consortium ready to step in'.


But it was never going to happen, was it? They had (and still have) no money, could not afford to purchase the share-holding or repay the directors loans. They are men of straw, with no substance. Their 'Cunning Plan' was for the company to go into liquidation and to reform at two levels lower. Great eh?


The only way the club was saved in 2002 was by the share-holding being given away and by substantial loans being written off.


It is not a popular concept I know, but the fella who saved the club in '98, did so again in '02.


Cue more sticks & stones ...

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Indeed ,

a memorable season in more ways than one!


scottie oakes, 30 yarder eh


the look on those caravan dwelling candy floss munching in breds when the 3rd went in


joking aside their no 4, top bloke, bit of banter always endears you with the oppostion fair play fella

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what is?


Well first and foremost you've decided to edit out the joking aside bit...Now you of all people, pot kettle black? <img src="/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />


and secondly as a fully paid up memeber of EFM why the sudden pang of conscious isnt that what you lot have been singing the last 5 years on your visits to Park Lane?


surely you should be more concerned with your "supporters" offering out scarfers after getting embarassed by a lower placed team



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