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This season vs last season


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I'd just like to say how different things are this season compared to last season. Although at this stage last season we occupied a higher league position, when it came to the 'big' games, how many times did things go wrong? I'm thinking of the 5-1 defeat at Northwood, the 1-1 with Uxbridge at home, the 1-0 defeat at home to Hemel (which turned out to be important anyway) and the 2-2 draw away, along with the 2-0 home defeat to Yeading when we still had a chance of promotion.


I feel that things are much better now, with the team seemingly more pumped up for the big games. We took a 2-0 lead at Lewes before going down 3-2, perhaps undeservedly, but beat them 1-0 in the return. We were comprehensively beaten by Windsor on Boxing Day but made up for it today. And we beat Dulwich, Tooting, Staines and Bromley, all challenging for the top 6, in our run of victories.


Basically what I'm saying is that I have much more confidence in the team when playing the top teams, there is much more belief about the players. It's just a shame there have been slip-ups against some of the lower-placed teams who have obviously been well up for playing us.


Well done to the players and to Eddie, Micky and Gilkesy, and lets hope things can continue and we can get into the top 6.

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The statistics are like this.


Last season, Slough Town managed by Steve Browne finished 4th in Div 1 North with 80 points from 46 matches.


This season, Slough are managed by Eddie and Co, currnetly 7th in Div 1 South but with 77 points from 41 matches.


The team we have this season are better in my opinion, the final points tally for the season should be higher than last season and I would argue it has been done in a stronger league than last season. And all this with a rookie manager rather than a gimp who had been in charge for four years.


Well done Eddie Denton, you have put the pride back into Slough Town. Lets win our remaining matches, get the top 6 finish and Deaner permitting, build for next season.

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