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Whyteleafe vs Ryman League


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I don't normally like to get involved with the business of other football clubs but this could have an adverse effect on our run in.


Apparently Whyteleafe are one of the sides who have not as yet paid the £750 the Ryman League has asked from its members to pay for the failed restructuring business, and now suspension has been threatened.


Whyteleafe - Pay up so you don't screw our season!

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Well if they get suspended would it not just be a three nil walk over to us? I could not be arsed to read the link so if the answer is in there sorry.

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Logic is not something that the Isthmian lot have in abundance - remember they were going to make Harrow play two matches in one day a few years ago - it would appear that the Leafe will pay but this is an issue that could be disruptive for us.

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