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Grays Ath game, 24th April.

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Gareth_Keenan said:
It's mental thanks and by the way it's spelt with an "A". We're gonna rob you of 3 points and drink your club house dry on Saturday!!
How is Slugsville these days? aka Billericay.

It's mental? Well that we know judging from the state of the population...

And whats this? Slugsville? Bloody hell, an attempt at humour from a gypo...Strange that he didn't get the "Greys" joke tho....

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sems that you are a bit confussed calling some one from grays a gippo mate when you come from basildon aka skagville

going down going down going down going down going down

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To me it is in Grays best interests for Billericay to win this game:


Grays are guaranteed to be new Conf league so don't need the points. It would be much better for them if someone like us also got in there instead of someone like Hitchin for example because:


For their match at New Lodge their travelling expenses would be at a minimum and it's also easy for their supporters to get to.


For their home match...let's face it our away support is better than most teams at this level and will be even better next season, so we will be chucking loads of money over their bar and gate receipts etc (especially considering Hitchin bring about 3 Inbreds and a dog).


So when you look at the facts logically they should all lie down and let us collect the points, and if they do that we may let them have some pound a pint beer after the game....you know it makes sense!!

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