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Tottenham Cake

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I may have already mentioned to some of you Enfield boys that my roots are from Edmonton in your "neck of the woods". Hence my unfortunate allegence to the boys from the lane.


Within my family there has been this traditinal recipe passed down for the making of something called "Tottenham Cake" It is basically a cake with icing, cocunut, and cherries on top.


Has any one heard of it? has anyone sampled it? does anyone have a mum who can make it?


My wife is now in possession of the recipie, lets see what happens. I hope she makes a good job of it as I would not want to have to say that my mum made it better!

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Can't say I know it, but I've Googled it for you. Links below:





And a curious report from Hansard. Lord Walpole speaking in 1998:


13 Oct 1998 : Column 872

We imported from London "Tottenham cake". When I asked my father what on earth that was, he said, "That is what is scraped off the dishes of all the London restaurants, put in bags, and sent to us for our pigs". The bags rotted away nicely, and after picking it over--there was quite a lot of cutlery and crockery in it--the food went to animals.


Link: http://www.parliament.the-stationery-office.co.uk/pa/ld199798/ldhansrd/vo981013/text/81013-06.htm (you'll never find it here, mind!)

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