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Ryman Two - Whats going on

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I thought Ryman Two would disband, what the hell are the Ryman playing at. If teams were to go up from County Leagues it should be to Div 1.


To invite selected teams into Ryman Two will devalue the ESL for no good reason.


Mr Chairman you need to act fast. Surley what should happen is that the top Ryman Two teams go into Ryman One and the others go into their relevant County League.



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I think though that there lies the problem; many Ryman II teams haven't got a decent County League to fall back into-I assume that's why they en masse declined Nick Robinson's kind invitation to resign!


One of the risks must be that there will still be outstanding legal costs due from the Ryman league for the arbitration fiasco. An invoice for a few hundred would be a nice welcome present!

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I can't see how they'll get anywhere near 22. Once promotion and resignations are sorted won't they be down to about ten. NLP suggests no relegation from Ryman I. To suggest that 3 feeder leagues will allow 12 clubs to go, or that the FA would suypport such mass defection, seems pretty unlikely to me. I reckon thay'll get up to about 15-OK for playing each other 3 times?

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Isn't that what they did this season.


I wonder how they sorted out the home/away issue on the third game.


From my point of view on Rym Dive 2 and season 2004/05, as they've not been mentioned in any restructure news issued before, I always presumed that the clubs involved and not promoted would be re-allocated side ways into such as the ESL.


This would be the logical step but when did that play a part in football structure.

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