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Scenario for next week


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Lose to Greys and it's cheerio. However, beat Greys and then Hitchin and Northwood lose, then crazily enough our whole destiny this season will be in our own hands!!! (I'm not exactly inspiring confidence there!)

Games next week:

Purfleet V Northwood

Bognor V Hitchin


Keep the faith!

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Too right Ryan. The some of the lads were down after the game yesterday and gave me the impression that their heads were down. I don't believe we have a bad side, we haven't been caned this season (count the amount of one goal defeats), we have the ability to beat the best of the league. We gotta show the lads that we are still behind them. For the Grays game, we supporters all have to get off their backs and get behind them. Loads of singing, cheering, chanting and encouraging. And not just behind the goal, all around the ground. Lets get that 'Ricay carnival atmosphere going.



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there is also a scenario where a draw might be enough to keep us in the hunt but it would mean northwood having to lose and hitchin do no better than draw on saturday. if we then beat northwood and our carrot crunching friends at braintree beat hitchin away we would end up in 20 th by my reckoning. if hitchin lost on saturday then all we would require would be the carrot crunchers to take a point off hitchin on the last day. the worry (apart from thge small matter of getting the required points ourselves)is that braintree are effectively gone already due to their goal diff so probably wont bother trying any more.


it is possible that ourselves northwood hitchin and braintree could all end up on 45 points but that our goal difference would hold sway.


i think to give ourselves any real hope northwood have to be no more than 3 points above us come the final game.


see clear as mud aint it

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I think if you are relying on us Carrot Crunchers, is that we have a brilliant away record since Roberts has come in 3 wins, 1 draw, 3 clean sheets in comparisson to 4 defeats at home.


We play Hitchin away, even if we are gone by then, I am sure Roberts will want to keep his away record in tact.


The lucky thing is we are away. <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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obviously the best bet is for us to beat grays, then northwood and hitchin lose. For northwood and hitchin to both lose i wouold rate as pretty good. If we beat grays then we can still afford northwood to draw. I wouldn't rely on the carrot crunchers to beat anyone, so it's upto bognor to do us a favour

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