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RIP Big Ron (Big Ron Quotes)


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"He can't speak Turks, but you can tell he's delighted."


"The 33 or 34-year-olds will be 36 or 37 by the time the next World Cup comes around if they're not careful."


"There'll be no siestas in Madrid tonight."


"They compare Steve McManaman to Steve Heighway and he's nothing like him, but I can see why - it's because he's a bit different and they are both called Steve."


"In some ways, cramp is worse than having a broken leg. But leukemia is worse still... probably."


"Despite his white boots, he has real pace and aggression."


"Goalkeepers aren't born today until they're in their late 20s or 30s and sometimes not even then. Or so it would appear to me anyway, don't you think the same ?"


"The substitute is about to come on - he's a player who was left out of the starting line-up today, there were others as well."


"The ref was vertically 15 yards away, he has a moustache."


"England have the best fans in the world and Scotland's fans are second to none."


"The tide is very much in our court now."


"It's like a toaster, the ref's shirt pocket. Every time there's a tackle, up pops a yellow card. I'm talking metaphysically now of course."


"I'd love to be a mole on the wall in the Liverpool dressing room at half-time.... and not for the reasons that you're thinking of Clive."


"The game has gone rather scrappy as both sides realise they could win this match or lose it or draw it even."


"I don't think there's anyone bigger or smaller than Maradona. You seen the pictures as well Clive... like an acorn I tell ya, just like an acorn."


"I know what is around the corner, I just don't know where the corner is."


"You can't do better than go away from home and get a draw."


"...using his strength. And that is his strength, his strength. You could say that that's his strong point."


"Chile have three options - they could win or they could lose. It's up to them, the tide is in their court now."


"I came to Nantes two years ago and it's much the same today, except that it's totally different. The red light district is still the same mind you.


"Though it's a lot bigger and more expensive. I prefer Hamburg, more variety.... there are these ladies there with fully formed moustaches, know what I mean."


"Argentina are the second-best team in the world, and there's no higher praise than that."


"A tremendous strike which hit the defender full on the arm - and it nearly came off."


"The good news for Nigeria is that they're two-nil down very early on in the game."


"That decision, for me, was almost certainly definitely wrong."


"I think Ron will be pulling him off at half time and no mistakin'."


"You'd think the Moroccans would have learnt their lesson by now. You can't win games without scoring goals."


"You'd think the Cameroonians would have learnt their lesson now. You can't get very far with such brutal tackles, it's just not cricket you know."


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