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some random thoughts

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1) How many fans from lewes/worthing will make the trip to see us decide the title on Tuesday.

2) 3rd place is in our own hands, so is 7th!. We could be 2nd.

3) Why do people post league tables here when there is on provided. Click on the toolbar to the left under league tables. This is tailored to your team.

4) This table now shows two teams not 3 being relegated. My apologies to Egham.

5) This table does not show a 7th place highlight for the play off but this is definite -


Quote from ryman site

The first week of May will see the playoff matches to decide which clubs will gain the extra places in the Semi National and Regional Divisions for next season. Throughout the Play-Offs, the club attaining the highest League position will have home advantage. Based on the League tables on Saturday 24th April the following clubs would be involved.


3rd May


Yeading v Lewes

Dulwich Hamlet v Wealdstone


6)funny I thought it was a play off of the teams finishing 1st and of the teams finishing 7th in the North / South. How can either team finish in a higher league position?



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1. Worthing are expecting to bring 50. I am expecting them to bring 30 at most.

2. Agreed. Top six is all important now the title is beyond us. Anywhere from sixth up is fine by me.

3. I think you have to be logged in to benefit from it

4. I'm sure they'll appreciate it!

5. Agreed.

6. Points tally. Those with the higher points tally is given home advantage.

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i think were agreeing gary. My point was that the ryman league gives little information on the post season play offs. The statement


Throughout the Play-Offs, the club attaining the highest League position will have home advantage


is an example of sloppy thinking as it applies to the play offs for the promotion places proper, not the pre play off for the 1st place teams or the play of for 7th, which it appears to refer to.

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I'm not too clued up about Worthing's travelling support but would have thought 30-50 on a Tuesday night coming a fair distance would be pretty good. mathematically they can still win the league, but I don't think anybody at the moment realistically beleives anybody other than Lewes will be top of the table on Saturday at 5pm.


I expect it to be a very tough match between two good sides and much will depend on who wants it more on the night. For us a win secures top 6 and moves us up to third chasing second, for Worthing a win keeps faint hopes of the title alive and secind place. Game on.

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Would love to see a crowd 400-450 but just can't see it happening unfortunately, even though it could be the game where we seal top 6. Would have thought, even though Worthing may bring 30-50, crowd wouldn't top 350.

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Another factor, Dedworth Rebel, is how many Windsor fans come along to see the game. With them not playing tomorrow, and due to the fact that Worthing could still win the league (although realistically Windsor and Worthing are fighting for 2nd place), there could be a fair few... we shall see.

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