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The Maltings

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Now that Costa is closed for a week for a refurbishment, I don't know how the workers of the Maltings are gonna survive. We had a fire evacuation the other day (just a drill) at about 9.30am and when we went outside almost everyone had a costa coffee in their hands. I know all of the people in the shops as they're regulars- I just hope they don't go to Starbucks and we loose all our customers! <img src="/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

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Chubbhead EFM said:
Claire! said:
I love Starbucks coffee!!!!! But the coffee with all the cream and marshmellows from Costa is the best!!!! Yum!!!!!

erm, there's no coffee in that drink- just hot chocolate I'm afraid!

And starbucks coffee is naff!

Oh!!!! LOL!!!!!! Well i love that drink then!!!!!!!

Laz EFM said:
Claire, does coffee have the same effect on you as Coke?

LOL!!!!!! yes coffee does have the same effect on me as diet coke!!!!!

That's why at work, i'm only allowed the tea and i have to drink diet pepsi and not diet coke at work otherwise i'm off the walls!!!!! Can't really be doing that at work!!!!!!!!
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