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The Programme


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I noticed inside Saturday's programme there was a section devoted to what we (the fans) would like to see in the programme.


I thought I would kick off with a few ideas to improve what is, on occasion, a poor effort.


1)A page detailing all the current squads total appearances for the team in all competitions including sub appearances, goals scored and where we got them from. Every other programme has this.


2)The lineups for every game throughout the season, usually in the centre pages. Every other programme also has this.


3) Player interviews, the Trust currently do these and they are very enjoyable to read.


4) Reserve team news.


5) Physio page detailing injured players and how they are recovering.


6) Conference News, any signings, results etc.


7) Features on players who have left the club or former greats, sort of like where are they now.


8) Captains page, just a few thoughts from Macca, most other clubs have this.


If anyone else has any ideas they could post them here, with all the people now employed by the Club these ideas shouldn't take too long to sort out.

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I don't think we want to see less adverts, as it's all revenue for the club. More adverts could actually mean an increase in pages and that's where the additional material/pictures, etc, could go.


Wonder will the club be selling banner adverts on its website, as that's another source of (albeit small) revenue?

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I still have my first program. Fleet v Ramsgate November 1967. One double sided sheet, with the (wrong) Fleet team on one side and mainly adverts on the other. Not even big enough for loo paper!! AND it cost 6d in old money.

Eddie MacAlpine was player/manager/captain/coach/trainer and program seller all in one.

We can grumble about today's effort, but the club has progressed to a different level since those days and for that we should be very grateful.


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