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"....cant update..." "...gotta dash..."


The place is going to the [lap]dogs.


It was a cup final for Heaven's sake. A new trophy room may need to be constructed.


Committment, that's what I like to see. Teamwork. A smoothly oiled machine.

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It was never going to be easy last night and in truth, the ressies did not really hit the dizzy heights they have done in some games this season but frankly, who cares. They outplayed Dagenham in the first half and should have been more than the one goal ahead at the break. After Tyrone London came on for the injured Jake Attwood for the second half, we appeared to lose our shape a little at the back with Matt Jones switching from the left to the right flank. Dagenham then brought another forward in search of an equaliser but to avail, as we held on for the win.


The goal came in the 12th minute with Josh Smith dancing down past two defenders the right and crossing immaculately for Adam Smith to fire in a punishing half volley from the edge of the box. A quite magnificent strike and without doubt, the best goal seen down at the Park all season.


Well done to Kevin, Vince, Clive and of course,all the lads involved. A wonderful effort and a tremendous season. And some silverware at last, it's been a while. Long may it continue.


Also nice to see a lot of old faces back in the crowd last night, the news is spreading.



The line-up last night


Ricky Perks; Jake Attwood (Tyrone London), Amadue Riley, Will Davies, Matt Jones; Josh Smith, Jason Coughlan, Jamie Parsons, Adam Smith; Ben Cogger, Scott Atkinson.


Unused Subs -


Sam Parratt, Michael Lawal, Jason Blythe, Ian Taylor.


Scorer - Adam Smith 12


Attendance 225


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Very good Charlie, there could be a job for you on the website if you play your cards right <img src="/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />


It was indeed a fine goal, but the Reserves have been scoring goals like that all season. Scott Oakes might also dispute the 'best goal seen down the park this season' tag.


Thanks for turning up AFF, a pity that not more of 'The Board' could do likewise but c'est la vie.



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