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VIP traffic for the London Olympics!!!

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My point was why shouldn't everyone get behind the Government to do something they obviously think would be good for the country.

[color:"red"] YEAH !

Like on Beachy head, then give 'em a bl**dy good push. That would be 'good' for the country !


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Because it's a London isue, not a national issue. As I understand it, olympic bids are from cities, not countries, and are funded by cities, not governments. Therefore the people of London who will have to pay for it should be consulted before they are taxed for it.


If it's good for the country it should be funded nationally, if the people want it.


If the tube line or whatever is needed for the Channel Tunnel rail link it it should be funded (nationally) and built in any case and has nothing to do with the Olympics. Should have been done years ago anyway.


Yes visitors to the Olympics will spemd money in London, but this will come nowhere near the costs involved, as has been shown by all the previous games.

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