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Mark (Flag) Braintree

How to upset your work colleagues.

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Today at work an email was sent round the company from a lady in another dept.



Dear All,


Many thanks to you all for the flowers for my 50th birthday, they are lovely. From now on though if ayone asks I'm only 49!


Kind Regards




I said to David who I sit opposite that she doesn't look 50 and thought I would go and tell her, I thought she would like that and take it as a complement, unfortunately I went up to her work colleague who she sits with, who I thought was Linda and said it to her.


She is still in her late 30's and said to me "I aint ********** 50"




<img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />


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And the moral of the tale, Mark, is ALWAYS check your information before acting !


UNLIKE this supposed British Government. (WMD ? What WMD ?)

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