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Blind Bigot

SODJE set to sign?

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Sorry to hood-wink you Fleeties with this post but I refer to 'Akpo Sodje' who's has been having 'trials' at Huddersfield Town of late and has featured in some pre-season games along with his big-brother Effe Sodje.


The club will announce tomorrow whether he's being offered a contract.


The Gravesend connection goes on! But the trouble is, he's played for Margit too! What do I shout if he signs? Hooooooooray or greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew?


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Sodje was given an extension to his trail period for another week. Given that he's only two games to impress, one of which was a 'first team' game and the other a run-out for the reserves so I'm not sure how much of a chance that really gives him.


The reserves played local Unibond side Guisesley last night and Akpo came on for the Last 40 minutes. According to those who attended he looked very lively and the concensous of opinion is he should be offered a one year contract.


We'll see! A decision will be made on Friday!


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