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Blind Bigot

Against the Minstermen!

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Hi Fleeties!


Looks like the Fleet have had a promising start - 3pts tomorrow should put us right up there. Although I dearly want Fleet to secure the points I have to say I felt very sorry that York City were relegated last May. They've had a terrible time in the past 2 years with administration and being 3 days from liquidation at one point. The fans raised £250,000 in 4 days to save their club. A magnificant effort! Some fans came to speak to us at Huddersfield when we need to set up our Supporter Trust and they were 1st class.


I've been away for a few days and managed to miss the Terriers matches with Hartlepool Utd (shown on Sky I believe) and a Yorkshire derby with Sheffield Wednesday - games that we lost 0-2 and 1-0 respectively. I cut short my holiday for the cup game at L**ds Utd however. What a night! Unfortunatelty we lost the game 1-0 but we had to 'play' the ref too. He turned down 4 solid penalty appeals, one which was an absolute 'stonewall' hand to ball, the others were, in TV hindsight, ball to hand but marginal. We had 5,200 Terriers in full voice behind a goal - magical! Sadly, lots of 'hoolies' from both sides threatened to spoil the night totally - I don't often say this but thank god for the 'old bill' they certainly earned their money that night.


All the very best tomorrow!


BB cool.gif

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Minstermen !


Great Footy team.




My daughters loved 'em



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