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David Holden

Another mystery for Jonanthan Creek..........

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The argument over player of the month has raged on long enough, although with good reason, simply because so many players have played incredibly well so far this season, a fact clearly displayed by our unbelievable league position.


Yes, Drury has played well, especially from what i heard about his performance at Forest Green (a game I was sadly unable to attend)but so have others, such as Porter, Saunders, Manny and Skinns to name but a few.


Moussa has also come on nicely this season and appears to have shaken off his phobia of finishing chances, if yesterday's performance is anything to go by. His work has been overshadowed by three of the most petty bookings a player is likely to get: dissent; diving; and over-celebrating.


This time round, Ford has the luxury of picking a team from a squad filled with talent, both defensive and attacking, which has been shown by his substitutions turning a steely midfield including Surey into a more attacking one with Moussa on the right flank.


However, I'm still not convinced of Steve McKimm's performances so far this season and towards the end of last term. Although it is blatently obvious for all to see that he puts in the effort needed at this level, he seems to lack the skill to compete and he often seems to be included in the team merely for his leadership skills. In fact, if he weren't captain he might have seen his place snaffled by the more able midfield of Owen and Perkins last year, or Saunders and Surey this time round...the debate rages on...

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