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Radio Kent 5 p.m.


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Did you hear that Richard Samuel on Radio Kent saying the council have been extremely patient. Well I think its our CLUB thats has been extremely patient with THEM. Thats the bloke that who is really pulling Ezekiels strings in my book. He is probably the one who is really preventing our prgress. He has'nt got a clue and hopefully if the surveyors see this AS viable then he will be shown up as having no knowledge of finances whatsoever. Are the council that desperate to acquire income from so many places that they should treat us this way. Are their finances in such a state that they have to resort to gaining a small piece of ground, at the expense of a great great non-league club. He will be sacked from his post and be made to pay our club compensation for his mismanagement and incompetence, personnally. A plea to Ezekiel to oust the man now before he shows you ALL up. He is making a laughing stock of you and your colleagues.You know I'm right. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/alert.gif" alt="" />

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The council are not delaying things because they want us back home they are using it in their strategy plans.


Where else have they taken this long to allow a business or venture to go on for so long. NOWHERE! In fact they do the complete opposite and push things through WITHOUT the people of thanet being able to voice their views, and when they do voice their views,and its too late because of tactics by the council, they completely ignore them. Is this a caring council,is this a council who take note of the electorate,is this council being honest,is this council doing their best for the community and the area,is this council promoting the towns of Thanet,is this council putting their own personnal interests second to that of the community. Do they not see the importance of a football club within the community and the "free" publicity it gives to the area. It is after all been doing just that over 3 years through this saga. Do they keep their promises where they said the would sort out those clock tower traffic lights, do they keep the roads in good order, do they care about the hooligan element in the area,do they agree that bringing in a second night club 30 yds from an already existing one will bring more trouble to the town and prevent ordinary walking along the promenade at night.Gone are the days of a summers stroll along the seafront,because of this. I could go on forever but clearly the answer to all of these is emphatically NO NO NO NO NO NO.

About time they did just ONE thing decent and allow us the go-ahead, Then we could say "Has the council actually done something positive" and then we can all say YES.


So thanet council its clearly obvious that a YES to the football club or to anyone in thanet is well overdue.


Just this once say YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES.

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These Kent reporters are right chumps. Look at the kentonline article. i quote


"During the meeting the chants of dozens of fans who had gathered outside the building could be heard"


DOZENS??? really. how many dozen. 12 dozen? 15 dozen?

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