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City 0 Havant etc 1

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Always going to be up against it with only 11 senior players available (Elphick has the 'flu) but young Gibson did well.


Thought H&W shaded it first half and were a bit unlucky not to get more than one (did we have a shot on goal?).


Second half was all City but no equaliser. Shame about the result in front of a good crowd but at least there was a bit more atmosphere about the place.

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They should print individal tickets for each game with the date and team on it.


The attendance figure won't include the freeloaders, walk in's at half times or the ticket scammers or people who climb over the wall. So really the attendance was a lot higher than the real figure and even higher than the declared figure <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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i do reckon

8£ too much?


like i say bit sad pissing on your own doorstep, the work of chavs and cheapskates


20 odd do it someones wages for a week.... a loan player who might keep us up...


as your fond of saying look at the bigger pie...



yours in City

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