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We already have a "sticky" to this petition and seeing as though the petition will be taken down soon it seems a little late in the day for this. We really dont want to confuse people now do we?

Besides I think the moderator has put himself out for us on occasions enough already.

What you have done is brilliant but its a bit late in the day to alter things now. Printing of the petition will be made soon for distribution.

I have it on some authority that electronic petitions aren't valid but trust me this will get to the people involved. Besides though electronically made the original hands are human ones. Those rules would I have thought been made up anyway before computers came into play

So as soon as that 1000 is reached the petition wil be printed off. Wouldnt hurt to start another one up from scratch with the new link.

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I have done nothing but heap praise on everyboby who has done something for the club.

I havent in any way had a go at him.He called me about this last night andi told him that if its good for the club then go ahead with it.No need to ask me. I am an equal amongst the fans.

I knew of this before you of what he was about to do. I think its great.. All I'm saying is that its maybe a little too late in the day to change things even though his is ten times better than that of before.

I shall close the other petition at 1000 then Adam can do his. Its all for the club so please dont make out mine is any different. His is however much much better and great thanks for it. But something soon will have to be put into the councillors. Dont forget its 14 days, we do not have 28.

We must try and sway them BEFORE they possibly give us a knockback.

If the worst does come about and we get the "no ,its not viable", do you think the council are going to wait those 14 days to tell us. No they wont.We have to be one step ahead of them.

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It links to the same petition, its not a new one.


Arent we going to leave it running over the weekend? Maybe see if we can crack 1500?


My reason behind this is simply to help the collection of signatures, as legend clearly states www.savemfc.co.uk is easily remembered, are we gonna leave this over the weekend?


Adam Ferrand

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I dont make the decisions I do whats best in my opinion for the club,the same as you all do.Two addresses might be a little confusing to some,thats all I'm saying. I will leave it till monday but it is with the utmost urgency, i.m.o. that the council get something before those 14 days are up. Sorry if I am sounding like its sour graoes, as it surely must sound like. Believe me its not that at all. I think Adams link is far superior to the original. Sorry guys its just my mind thinking overtime. Yep' petition stays till monday and with whatever link be available. Whatever we must keep up the pace.

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