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Exeter 2-0 Billericay

Simon BTFC

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Few team problems for this one... Forbes failed to recover from his back injury and Hunter only lasted about 20 mins... Simmo and Poole (under 18s both) came on for ten minutes for what must have been some top experience for em! Problem was when Hunter went off we had to totally re-jig the midfield which disrupted our play somewhat.




Henty Trott Saps Macca

Gallagher Game Hunter Dormer

Cousins Wareham


Stowe on for Hunter (Dorms went centre mid, Gallagher left mid and Cousins right mid)

Poole and Simmons on for Game and Gallagher

SNU Kerrigan (slight groin strain apparently) and Wayman


Started quite well and matched them for most of the first half. They took the lead with a good move down our right that ended with a good cross being headed in from close range.


2nd half bizarre pen decision, spoke to a few City fans after the game (friendly bunch btw) and they didn't know what it was for. Looked possibly like a bit of push and shove in the area at a free kick?


Finished really strongly and had a couple of chances late on, best fell to Paaaaaaaaat.


Top away support, reckoned about 130-150. Well done to everybody who drove and special thanks to Andy T for getting us there and back on the coach!

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Penalty was given for a tug apparently, although there were some very bizarre descisions last night.


Notably Cousins being flagged for offside having run through their defence, and through on goal.


Top singing in the second half.

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Two goal line clearances in the second half, I don't know how we didn't score. Dodgy penalty for them, it could have been a different story.


Their penalty was strangest moment ever for me at a football match. None of their players or their supporters appealed, there was this strange silence before the Exeter fans came out of their bewilderment. Talking to some of their fans after the game, they didn't know why the penaty was given either. Essex Radio said it was for shirt pulling. This followed one the Exeter players trying to strangle Trottie in front of the referee - clearly a penalty for us - another godgy offical.


The downer on the night was the stewarding - there was about 1 steward for every 10 of our supporters. They just stood there looking at us all through the game - it was quite freakie as most of them weren't from this planet. Also the chief steward allowed the ball boy (busby) to shout at our supporters, totally out of order. The level of stewarding was a waste of money - half our money.


But to sum up, the boys played their hearts out and held their own against a Conference team (last year Footbal League). Thanks to the players and the management team for some excellent football in two great cup runs.

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Soccer: Exeter City 2-0 Billericay Town

by Dick Marshall


Brought to you by the Evening Echo


BILLERICAY Town boss Justin Edinburgh was "so proud of my players and our fans" after his side's FA Trophy run came to an end in the West Country last night.


The Ryman Premier side put up a great battling display at Conference side Exeter - who less than a week previously had fought all the way before losing a home FA Cup replay to mighty Manchester United.


Said Edinburgh: "The players certainly redeemed themselves following our shocking league performance in losing 5-0 at Braintree on Saturday."


Town had led 2-0 in the original encounter with ex Football League Exeter 10 days ago before being forced to a replay by two late goals.


Last night they faced real team selection problems. Steve Forbes failed a late fitness test on a back injury and the heart of the visitors' midfield was further ripped out when Leon Hunter, who had eight stitches inserted in a facial wound suffered at Braintree but insisted on starting - was forced off in the early stages suffering from concussion.


With striker Nathan Elder cup-tied and new on-loan Colchester midfielder Glen Johnston ineligible, Town's squad was down to the bare bones with defender Danny Kerrigan on the bench despite being far from fit due to a groin injury.


But the 150 travelling fans who made the near 500-mile round trip to support their heroes were not disappointed.


It took Exeter until the stroke of half-time before they opened up a strong visiting defence with Danny Clay heading home.


Scoring chances were always at a premium, but the Grecians booked a place in the last 32 and a fourth round visit to fellow Conference side Tamworth on Saturday week with a controversial penalty 10 minutes from time which Sean Devine converted.


Youth stars John Simmons and Tom Poole were give a chance from the bench as Billericay bravely battled late on in a bid to give their fans a consolation goal.


Gary Henty shot just wide and Pat Sappleton moved forward to be narrowly foiled as the game drew to a close with Billericay being given a good reception by the sporting home followers.

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Congratulations to all associated with BTFC on last nights performance at Exeter and for the great runs in both FA Competitions this season.


The Team did us all proud and on another night the result could of gone our way.


The away support for the team was fantastic around 150 people making the near 500 round trip more than some Ryman clubs get for a home game.


The Supporters Coach was a great success with a number of new faces on board what a bargain less than £20.


Now we need to focus on our key objective getting promoted to the Conference South and what a great way to start with all 3 points at home against Eastleigh on Saturday.


The futures bright the future will always be Blue and White.

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Cant quite face making any comments on the match at the moment, but i would like to say a MASSIVE well done to the fans. It was a relatively short trip for me from Cardiff, but ive got a lot of respect for everyone who made the huge round trip from Billericay. It was fantastic to see all the faces in the clubhouse before the game. Singing was outstanding too, we hardly stopped in the second half even though we were losing. Well done to everyone it was a hugely enjoyable day out.

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Im quite impressed Gaz made it home at all. Expected to hear hed been found collapsed in a gutter outside the ground. Was amzingly drunk even before the game started. Thanks to whoever it was who bought me a drink. Think he was called Rob (although not sure). Dont know if he posts on here, but cheers mate, very good of you!

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Well lads, I had to do it...my one chance to drink and I took it...Normal service will be resumed as I will be back on the soft option...I was reminded in no uncertain terms as to why I don't drink. Actually, head was okay when I woke up, I think it was the effects of getting back and concentrating on driving. Of course, some of this could be done to the drink.


I must say, I thought everyone did the club proud last night. One day lads, it will be our turn...just believe.

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I have a rule...only drink (and get drunk) with company that you are comfortable with...Now that is not to suggest that I am not comfortable with the people at BTFC, but I don't drink at work (that suggestion should speak volumes!!!) and have got out of the habit. I'll have a glass of wine at home, now and then...maybe a beer (I'm a real ale - bitter drinker...) but that ain't often.


I also drive to away games and to the home games...another rule, don't drink and drive!!!

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What a superb day out yesterday.

Despite having to reshuffle, the boys on the pitch again gave great account of themselves against Conference opposition.

As for the supporters, nothing short of magnificent. However you got there, coach, mini bus, car or crawl, bloody well done. The second half perfomance behind the goal did you all and the club proud!

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The downer on the night was the stewarding - there was about 1 steward for every 10 of our supporters. They just stood there looking at us all through the game - it was quite freakie as most of them weren't from this planet. Also the chief steward allowed the ball boy (busby) to shout at our supporters, totally out of order. The level of stewarding was a waste of money - half our money.



Their stewards were well scary... one just kept smiling in a totally psycho way, half expected him to pull out a meat cleaver and start butchering us <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/smash.gif" alt="" />

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The stewarding was beyond a joke, not only for the ball boy being allowed to tell us to 'piss off' but also i was stood next to a steward who cheered their big ugly 14 (Flack?) on more than one occassion. Never had that before.

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Well its concentrate on the league time I guess we could and should have had this don and dusted in the first game and deserved to get extra time at least up there as the word dodgy can never be enough to describe their “penalty”. I believe that J Cordy will forever be public enemy number one. I really feared that the players in the second half with them scoring just before half time would just buckle and go under in the second half but no they continued to fight and full credit for them for doing so in the second half. We need that level of noise at every game as it will be worth points, I am sure levels of intoxication helped the level of volume so get that drunk before every match and I am sure to sing that loudly will come every game.

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