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Exeter fans, a lovely bunch


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Just a selection of some of the kind words written on their message board about us:


"I was in the grandstand to your left - if you were with your fans, and your lads made a lot of noise! Good support."


"VERY impressed with your no 12... Chris Stowe? (Village near Exeter!) - Has he been with you long?"


"I was impressed with the Billericay attack, particularly the guy already mentioned. Thought you deserved a goal for your efforts, but relieved you didn't get one!"


"Good to see you all bouncing up and down behind the goal and creating an atmosphere for your team. Hope you enjoyed your day."


"To you Jim and all your comrades who attended last night - Well Bleddy done! I was very impressed with the numbers who turned out for such a long trek, getting home at some god earthly hour, and never stopping all night in supporting your boys.


Good luck for the season ahead."


On a related note, i think we should all make an effort to be more vocal at ALL games. The singing was superb last night, i could barely speak afterwards. Wouldnt it be great to have that level of vocal support at all our games, not just when were playing a conference side. Come on folks, lets make ourselves the best and noisiest fans in the league

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Thanks for the kind words.


Very impressed with your support too! Particularly given that it was a long trip on a bleddy cold Tuesday night in January your lads put many Conf sides to shame (not to mention L2 & even L1 (I'm thinking "Turkeys" here!! ))


Also (assuming that the gate money is shared, as per most Cup comps) glad that there was, by FAT standards, a pretty good crowd. 2766 was by far the biggest gate of the round and I hope that your cut of the 4200+ over the two games is some consolation.


And, as for that "penalty", even with my Grecian-gogs on I have to admit... ?????????


All the best


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I would say, apologies to some of ya that I gave grief to...Under the influence and disapointed with the result makes a heady mix...


Top drawer day...Thanks to those Exeter supporters who had loads of kind words to say to us on our way back from the "Ruby" house.


Hope you go all the way and then we can say we were beaten by the finalists (or winners). <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/thumbsup.gif" alt="" />

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