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Pride Of The Nation

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"Rio Ferdinand and Paul Ince blast the FA for not including any black players in their DVD 'Pride of the Nation', which features the best 17 players to have represented England in the last 40 years." www.bbc.co.uk/sport





This fks me off.


This DVD features the 17 best players to have worn the England shirt over the last 40 years. If there are no black players in the Top 17, that is because none of them have been good enough, not because the makers of the DVD are racist, for fks sake.


Does Paul Ince really want a couple of black players included as the DVD's 'token black' selection? Surely that would just be patronising? This reeks of positive discrimination.


Is Emile Heskey really going to be included at the expense of Gary Lineker? Should Carlton Palmer really be there instead of Stuart Pearce?


No. What's really pissed off Paul Ince is the fact that he's not in it, the arrogant little twat.


"Call me the Guvnor," he says.


No. Fk off.

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Fk me, I don't believe this.


The FA have now apologised and withdrawn all the copies, promising to re-issue the DVD with a handful of black players too.


Just read that Rio Ferdinand couldn't believe that Ian Wright wasn't included.


Fk me, Rio. Have you any idea how poor Ian Wright's record for England was? Even Thornsy could score a hat-trick against San Marino, y'know.

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He's not even in the top 50. To be honest I couldn't see any of the players who have represented England in the last 5 years making the top 17 not even the likes of Shearer, Owen or Scholes.

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Owen and Scholes aren't in it. Neither are half the '66 side.


So if Michael Owen, England's fifth (?) highest goalscorer of all time doesn't make the cut, then why on earth are those two muppets calling for the inclusion of Ian Wright and John Barnes, two of the biggest failures ever to wear the three lions?

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