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Hayes v Hornchurch


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Vrhovski - spelling as per team sheet

Tomlinson - listed as Thompson on team sheet

Shipp ©









Drake - for O'Connor 88 mins

Only four subs.


Drizzle - 7 degrees.


Urchins dominated the first half, and several chances were created - Douglas went close, so did O'Connor. Vhrovski made several excellent passes. Then Douglas was fouled about 35 yards out. Too far out for Shipp - much too far - up he steps, and it's in the top corner of the net - the keeper did not move - five goals in five matches - this equals Purser's record.


It could so easily have been more. Hayes had three players sent off last Saturday, and from the way they were playing, I wondered how many it would be tonight - if you can't stop 'em, chop 'em. On the stroke of half time, Desborough is injured - no action by the referee - why not?


Second half, Hayes came forward, Godding penalised for a tackle - first yellow card of the night. The free kick was cleared, back came the ball on the left, and Williams scores. One one.


Back come the Urchins, foul in the box, penalty. Shipp takes it, the keeper dives to his left and parries the ball out.


Douglas goes close, the referee plays a tune on his whistle, I lose count of the free kicks awarded - at last Warner is the first Hayes player to be booked, two more follow - Hayes get the ball in the net, but Desborough was fouled.


The Doog goes close, Shipp hits a power drive, and someone scrambles it out, a goalmouth melee, and the ball rebounds wide.


Hayes try to exploit the lack of experience on the right (Urchins left) side - Gooding and Locke cover well. Billy Drake comes on, and is the only Urchin not to be fouled - but then he was only on two minutes.


Two points lost - why no red cards ?


Attendance 226 - a lot of red and white - ace reporter Pete Butcher was there for the second away game in a row - is he an Urchin in disguise ?


Player of the match ? Hard to choose, I go for Gooding, with Locke and Shipp not far behind. Sean Dear got better as the match went on.

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Sean Dear lier Sean Dear there Sean Dear every...where la la la la la la la la la


I am very impreseed, matures with every game, plays the easy ball well, Andy Tomo again another great game but another two points lost however we avoided defeat.


Well done Tony and Carl now roll on Lewes.

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Can anyone explain to me why their number 7 (Williams) wasn't booked? He must have committed about 9 or 10 fouls (out of their, at very least 20+ fouls) one or two of which were probably worthy of a booking by themselves. At worst he should have had a booking for persistant offending. It certainly seemed to baffle Shippy as to why he wasn't booked.


Speaking of which, jolly good game Shippy, splendid goal, shame about the penalty but you have to say that it was a good save.

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the ref was total pants.


biased their way one minute, then intercepts a hayes clearance and lays the ball off to the doog the next minute. shocking stuff. also think that the abuse he was getting from both sets of fans put him in a sulk, but your right - their no.7 was a nasty piece of works.


speaking of the doog, he was desperately unlucky on two occasions not to score. hit just wide and over in the 2nd half and at the end of the first half just had to stick a foot out, but it wasnt to be.


what an absolute dive of a town though. looked like dagenham on a rough day.

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I had a cracking day out there last season, week before Xmas if I recall. Me, Bigchin and Little Lee, taken down there on board the minibus driven by Andy. Blimey, the journey home took hours, on account of numerous beer and p1ss stops! But what a cracking day, 1-1 if I recall, Vinny from the penalty spot. Had a funny clubhouse that looked like a normal house, yet with a bar stuck in it and a few pool tables. Oh, happy days! <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/crazy.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/crazy.gif" alt="" />

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<img src="/forum/images/graemlins/roflmao.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />


he was also keeping us up to date with the arsenal united game.... lol


"dennis law's just hit the post"...

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