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Had a idear!


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Had a vision about 30 mins ago lets send email's to the danish goverment to see if they wanna log a complaint with the UN/EU about territorial rights to thanet i mean they must have some case the jutes did after all come from jutland that means a new council surely.


And im sure they wouldnt mind letting us build a new ground for "Margæt fodbold club" you never know they might even let us join the SAS Ligaen (top dainish div) and get to take part in the Royal League (the 4 best teams from sweeden,denmark,norway qualify) if we were sucsesful.

It could take a number of years to happen all the paper work and stuff maybe even a major international incident wich sux a bit.


Down sides would be haveing to learn dainish, we would all have to drink dainish brews ie Tuborg,carling, national service could be a bummer for those aged 20-25 and we would get a new queen Margrethe II.


The National Anthem is a bit of a tounge twister


Kong Kristian stod ved højen mast i røg og damp;


Hans værge hamrede så fast,


At Gotens hjelm og hjerne brast.


Da sank hver fjendligt spejl og mast i røg und damp.


„Fly," skreg de, „fly, hvad flygte kan!


Hvo står for Danmarks Kristian i kamp?"


Its no better in english


King Christian stood by the tall mast in smoke and mist;


his sword was hammering so hard,


that the Swedes' helmets and brains cracked.


Then sank every enemy stern and mast in smoke and mist.


"Flee," they screamed, "flee as flee can!


Who can stand up to Denmark's Christian in battle?"


k well maybe it isnt such a great idear maybe being sleep deprived is clouding my judgement slightly any way i have a back up plan we could always try the italians i mean the romans started all this Britannia crap and there mad keen on footy.

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