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Todays Attendance

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Every game I make sure I walk through Gravesend town centre. There must be over 1000 people there they must see me as I wear my shirt over my fleece, I would stand out a mile. Many don't have an interest in football so it's understandable they don't attend, and thats fair enough. But how many were there that saw me today that were going when our run was good?


I hope these people feel guilty, but I'm a realist so I doubt it.

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A true supporter - eccentric/barking mad, but well done, mate.


Incidentally wasn't getting at you in the "To the Idiot" thread. My contribution was directed at all those week-kneed pillocks, who have to abuse their own team in order to win back some self respect after being beaten up by their wives all week. Not that any of them have the basic IT skills necessary for reading or posting on here.


I'm out to get bladdered. Trust you'll be doing the same.



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Back to the bad old days with only 675 there.


Its what happens If you don't speculate to accumulate during the good times.


Lets hope the good times return.


( Actually these are the good times <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/wow.gif" alt="" /> , the Fleet in the conference is good, we shouldn't take it for granted, we have waited a long time for it to return.. So why aint we speculating !)

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Not the greatest game i've ever seen, (been a maidstone utd supporter i shouldn't really comment!) Was dragged along by my histon supporting mate and have to say the fleets fans were great (although suprisingly few in number). Made to feel more than welcome despite the fact we were wearing our clubs strips. Definately be visiting you guys again in the near future.

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