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House Of Love


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Anyone heard the new single? Anyone like it? Anyone used to like the House of Love? My answer to all those question is Yes! I love 'em. It's the original line up back together for the first time since ..... errr, they split I'm looking forward to hearing the new album. I love stuff like "Love in a Car", "Christine" etc.


I'm also diggin' the new single by the Duke Spirit - "Lion Rip". Top stuff!!

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Not familiar with the "Feel" single. I kinda lost touch after the "Butterfly" album. Towarda the end of last year I bought that double CD - "The Fontana Years" which is a comp of their later stuff on - t'is grand! I think their new single is out either today or next monday. When you hear it, you'll know it's the House of Love - his voice is unmistakeable.


I just need "Cud" to reform now - god, they WERE good! Purple Love Balloon, Strange Kind of Love, Only a Prawn in Whitby. Lovely stuff!!

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Yep, it's a good comp. 2xCDs for 9 quid - it cannot be bad! There are some really good tunes on there.


I wish Cud would re-release their stuff on CD. The first two albums ("When in Rome, Kill me" and "Leggy Mambo")I've only got on tape, and they always seem to sell for around 30 quid on ebay (too much really for stuff I've got already!).

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I brought that Duke Spirit single yesterday and it is ace!


Funny enough the day before that I was listening to loads of Cud, I can't wait to get my new turntable so I can convert my vinyl onto MP3, I have loads of Cud on 7" including Robinson Crusoe and Magic. My personal fav is still "Rich and Strange"


I was never a huge fan of "The House of Love", I quite liked them but I found their fans to be fanatical bordering on obsessed and I never quite got it, i used to get 100's of requests for them in my indie DJ days. I was once shag*ing a massive House of Love fan or maybe that was just the decription of her place when I was round <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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