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BAN HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I noticed something on the news last night that I thought I would share with you.


On the right hand side of H.M.S. B&Q the sail is orange and if you look carefully, there is a modest-sized B&Q logo on it and all of the adverts are in the same colour etc. However, from the other side of the thing, it's a blue sail and advertising stuff with the logo of B&Q's French subsidiary 'Castorama'.


I have no problem with that. Clever design and marketing etc.


However. I don't know how many news reports there have been over the past couple of months concerning this trip but I have seen 'Wor Ellen' on the news 4 or 5 times or more, I guess. Filmed from the air on most occasions although I remember one rendezvous with a Royal Navy frigate with the intrepid ITV reporter on board bringing comfort and succour by having a few words with our heroine by radio.


Just like the rest of the country, I have felt for her, alone so far from home, battling the elements single-handed. Staring death in the face and spitting back at it. 'Just because it's there', no doubt. A true Brit. I have lived every nautical mile, proud of the endeavour of a lone British woman etc. etc.


Oops. I nearly lost myself there. Where was I? Oh yes. On every single occasion that I can recall, the pictures of the boat beamed back to our T.V. screens and assorted media from the deepest oceans on t'other side of the world were taken from the right hand side.


That's an amazing co-incidence don't you think?


I wonder if the French Navy, air force and T.V. reporters managed to film Ellen and the tiny craft from the left hand side.

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a great achievment despite the flagrant breach of rules re the flare thing .. but i cant help feeling she broke the rule.. i mean 'round' the world is a lot less down near the south pole.. its a bit like doing 400 metres on the track by running into the middle then doing a mini lap then running back to the finish line.. i feel cheated and, if im honest a little 'offended'

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Isn't it called an 'elfin look', Claire?


Don't forget she's been on her own for 71 days or wharever it is. Clearly everything has to be a DIY job and there's no electricity for the Carmen rollers.


Magnificent achievement. It brings a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye. It makes me proud to be British.


I gather that the lunatic decided to confer the honour of a Damehood thingy on Ellen just as she sailed into Falmouth harbour. It's about the only thing that he has got right in his entire tenure of No 10. He has certainly captured the mood of the Nation. I was absolutrely disgusted at the suggestion that he had the ulterior motive of capturing a few more votes from the British people in addition to their hearts. I'm sure that wouldn't have occured to him.


Just like the rest of us, he was overwhelmed, clearly.


Somweone has just mentioned to me that she sailed to somewhere in France and parked the thing after she had crossed the finish line and before coming into Falmouth. Is that right? Was there a problem?


As far as the flares are concerned, they remind me of Eastbourne, of course. She should have bought the bigger ones.

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I seem to remember someone commenting that letting flares of anywhere near the seaside could cause confusion for the lifeboat crew. This is highly irresponsible and I assume that this young lady and her immediate associates are now banned from Clarence Park.

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