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Computer 'Technical Support' !

Big J R

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[color:"red"] Here are some conversations that actually happened between help desk people and their customers.


Customer: "You've got to fix my computer. I urgently need to print a document, but the computer won't boot properly." [color:"black"]




Tech Support: "What does it say ?"


Customer: "Something about an error and non-system disk."


Tech Support: "Look at your machine. Is there a floppy inside ?"


Customer: "No, but there's a sticker saying there's an Intel inside."




Tech Support: "Just call us back if there's a problem. We're open 24 hours."


Customer: "Is that Eastern time ?"




Tech Support: "Ok, now click your left mouse button."


Customer: (silence) "But I only have one mouse."




Customer: "Excuse me can I use this disk ? It has a hole in it.


Tech Support: "Do you have 3 1/2 inch diskettes ?"


Customer: "No, I only have 3 of them."




Tech Support: "I need you to right-click on the Open Desktop."


Customer: "Ok."


Tech Support: "Did you get a pop-up menu ?"


Customer: "No."


Tech Support: "Ok. Right click again. Do you see a pop-up menu ?"


Customer: "No."


Tech Support: "Ok, sir. Can you tell me what you have done up until this point ?"


Customer: "Sure, you told me to write 'click' and I wrote 'click'."




Customer: "Now what do I do ?"


Tech Support: "What is the prompt on the screen?"


Customer: "It's asking for 'Enter Your Last Name.'"


Tech Support: "Ok, so type in your last name."


Customer: "How do you spell that ?"




Customer: "I received the software update you sent, but I am still getting the same error message."


Tech Support: "Did you install the update ?"


Customer: "No. Oh, am I supposed to install it to get it to work ?"


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