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Oh well, someone has....

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...start the ball rolling




Concord 1-1 Burnham


Hullbridge 0-0 Eton Manor


London APSA 2-1 Brentwood


Southend Manor 1-2 Basildon



League Cup

Waltham Abbey 1-2 Barkingside


Sawbridgeworth 1-0 Bowers


Romford 3-1 Enfield Townies


These are the votes from the Romford jury. Have a nice evening Tallinn.

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Head hurts today....Stayed in the Brit till one, four bottles of white and trying to speak Spanish to Chilean barmaid...failed, failed and failed. Paying for it now. No booze today. So you coming over tomorrow as it is a dot on the card that your match will be off. Just heard the forecast and it ain't looking good geezer.


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Concord 2-1 Burnham

Hullbridge 2-2 Eton Manor

APSA 0-0 Brentwood

Southend 0-3 Basildon


League cup


Wilting Abbey 1-2 Barkingside

Sawb'worth 1-1 Bowers

Romford 1-2 Enfield Town

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I was wondering the same thing.

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