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Message for Zody, Coup, & Co.


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Get rid of your coaching staff they are an embarrasment.

You have a good club with honest hardworking people behind the scenes, but their behaviour and tatics are not even Sunday league standard.

Why do they feel the need to send out a team of cloggers?

Shame on them, sorry for you guys.

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If it wasn't for selective viewing we would all support the same side and that woud be pretty dull.

But you bench staff should not be interfering with the opposition players by squirting water at them,standing against them as they try to take a throw in or stepping into their path as they chase a ball to retrieve it.

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Get rid of our coaching staff, why ? As for a bunch off cloggers I feel thats a case of selective viewing. I could say the same for yourselfs. A coach brought down in his own dugout(what ever the provocation.) Two footed challenges I could go on. Selective viewing young man selective viewing.

Lightweight come on, your number 9 was bulldozing his way through the Town line up i dont think i saw him touch the ball all the time he was on the pitch!
As for the two footed challenge on your dug out behave, yes Rudi was wrong & the red card was right, he was wound up & fell for it, but your coach went down like he was shot with a sawn off purdy!!! He hardly touched him, and your dug outs behaviour was obviously pre-meditated, shame they couldn't take a leaf out of your fans book!
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Sorry you misunderstand me. the two footed challenge I was refering to was committed on Danny Curch late in the second half.Not the street theatrein the dugout.


Although I feel pre-meditated is a bit strong.

You were lucky our number 9 didn't touch the ball more than he did. I make no excuses for Dean he is a big strong forward he disrupts defences has a good touch too, but not on show today.


The fans were brilliant today. Hope the return leg gives us a better football spectical.

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'Although I feel pre-meditated is a bit strong'.


Your manager admitted after the game that he and his side had gone out of their way to get Rudi wound up and sent off. Pretty shabby behaviour in my book, which may well backfire in more ways than one.


First, I suspect that the whole story will come out at the inevitable appeal. That could get a bit awkward and potentially expensive for Romford.


Second, I don't think that before the game Town gave the League Cup the highest priority. That may well still be the case, but you can bet stuffing Romford in the reverse leg will be next week.


Looking forward to the abuse of the bench already!

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Obviously I wasn't at the game (sadly) but to be honest this sort of thing is bound to happen. Enfield Town are top of the league at present, were/are one of the favourites for the title and have the biggest attendaces home and away.


Stay with me, this is not a bragging session, my point is that of course teams are going to particularly want to beat us, will be fired up for the game and very committed. This may result in, or appear to result in, an over over-physical approach, when it's just commitment and enthusiasm.


In addition, if it known that a player has a volatile disposition, the opposition is bound to try and wind him up to get a reaction, put him off his game and maybe get a red card (eg the boy Rooney, and the younger Beckham).


These things happen. If anything it's a complement.


I reiterate I wasn't there, I don't know if this was the case at all, I'm just suggesting that it may be the case. Sometimes. Perhaps. Maybe.

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You mugs. Had so much to say, but wait till you get home behind your computer to vent your feelings. I think you as said before think you as supporters are something special.


In the last 24 hours if you attended the game and look at the site must realise your biased views are why you are not liked. As for the barkingside boys, like you they paid to get in and at least did not hide their feelings. Surely even the thickest of your mugs must realise your have created your own monster.


Will reality strike in when, IF you do move on ( which is not a problem, JUST your attitudes) you will be disliked elsewhere.


When will it hit home???????


Up the Boro! <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/boxing.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/boxing.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/boxing.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/boxing.gif" alt="" />

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