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Poor old Billercay

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See Rickys season ended in defeat last night what a shame, I honestly thought they would go up.

Can't see things getting any easier for them next season as AFC Wimbledon will be in their league and are going to take some stopping with all their support and money.

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I wondered how long before somebody would mention Billericay's defeat last night. In the old days it would have been on this forum like a shot!!


Now Grays are a different matter!!!

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To be honest i really am glad that they blew it last night. Dont mean to be horrible but the amount of times on there forum where they have mentioned us losing and having a good old laugh about it. I not really botherd about them any more as there 2 league below us but its always good to see your old rivals lose an important game.


Must admit though i did think they were going to go up through the play offs and was suprised about the result

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I hate "I told you so" but a couple of years ago when BTFC were making moves on Gloucester Park in preparation for "League status". I warned them and made certain predictions about where they would be now if they put their eggs in the stadia Management basket.


I even asked them to look at what these unrealistic and unpoplular ambitions did to Margate, who also got in to bed with stadia management.


I implored them to protest, complain and save their club, fortunatly for them it did not end up quite as bad as I predicted. Mainly because a knight on a white charger came in at the last minute and saved the club from financial ruin.


This ruin almost came about because the previous owners policy was employ lots of players on a big wage at the start of the season, come christmas if it dont look like they are gonna win the league sack em all.


Then stadia management came in with the promise of a basilricay style chelsea village. pound notes popped up in peoples eyes and they forgot about their football.


I wont say I told you so. I would say lucky you got out when you did and thank god because, but for the grace of god and our King their goes Canvey.

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CANV EFM said:
braintree lost as well.. i was hoping for those two to make the final and go along

Bit dissapointed about that as well. Would definitely have gone to that game.
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