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chris blanc

Election 2005

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Council tax subsidies from central office for one example.


The Southern counties had their amounts reduced, whilst the Northern areas had their amounts increased.


It must have been some sort of 'vote Labour' bribe.

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Can't see a lot of difference when Maggie shut down scores of productive northern mines, creating ghost towns where once thriving communities stood, whilst at the same time encouraging greedy city "yuppies" to buy stocks and shares in the utilities they were privatising.

Remember 15% interest rates.

Remember 3.5 MILLION unemployed.

Remember who created the poll tax

Remember who wanted to privatise the NHS.

Remember who withdrew free school milk for children.

Remember who broke the link between the state pension and the cost of living.

She was quite insane.

People have long memories Darren.

Those of us who endured her madness and destruction of Britain will NEVER vote for an extreme right winger again.

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15% interest rates - how long did they actually last?

If I recall, on the day we left the exchange rate mechanism, they fell back to 10% within hours, within weeks & months it was low again. The tories DID make a mistake and were brave enough to correct it. Labour certainly didn't suddenly create a wonderful economy within 2 hours of being elected - they inherited it.


The miners were misled by Scargill & have him to blame.

The 3.5 million unemployed still exists, with over 1 million of them no longer counted as they decided that they could get more money by falsely claiming incapacity benefit. Others are no longer counted due to various fiddles.

The poll tax was wrong & got replaced by council tax - it wasn't as extortionate then as it is now.

Privatisation isn't a bad thing - think of how badly run BT & British Gas were prior to being sold off. Do you see Labour rushing to renationalise anything? No. That's because they know it's better in the private sector.


Free school milk - I was part of the age group that had it taken away from them but I still got to drink plenty of milk - surely down to good parenting? Is milk too expensive for people to buy? I'm pretty sure it's cheaper than the fizzy drinks that some kids seem to rely on.


The link between the state pension and the cost of living - here's an idea - let's put it back in exchange for the workshy being made to get jobs & the bogus asylum seekers deported. That way, money will go to those who DESERVE it.


Maggie was still one of the best Prime Ministers that this country has ever seen - a fact that with Labour's election win, Thatcherism has been in favour in this country since 1979 - her political will lives on. Just remember who stuck 2 fingers up to Europe at every chance when we're all moaning at a later date about what Blair has done to ruin our sovereign nation.


Expect repossessions to increase in the next few years too, as those that could only afford a mortgage because of low interest rates suddenly discover they can't make ends meet as the interest rate creeps up.

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Sorry to give my 2 pennyworths Darren and people should never really argue about politics ...... BUT


15% Intrest rates lasted long enough to completely screw the country for a good while. People lost their livelihoods because of it too.


Thatcher the best Prime minister we have ever had? Dont make me laugh! She was without doubt one of the WORST things that ever happened to this Country. Ok at first I seem to recall she was like a breath of fresh air and her policies appeared to be doing the Country some good. AND her patriotic jingoism seemed to galvinise the Nation.




Her policies came unstuck during her first term. She was only re-elected after the Falklands War, where she proved herself to be a poweful Stateswoman. There are comparisons that could be drawn with what is happening now, albeit in a different way, as I dont believe Blair has lied to Parliament but he did minipulate the facts to his advantage, JUST LIKE SHE DID!


Her destruction of major industry in the North, Wales and Scotland has left a lasting legacy of mis-trust and hatred for Conservative in general and of the South of England in particular, and quite rightly too. The mining industry was completely shafted, with whole Towns and villages losing everything. May I suggest you take a drive around some of the "ghost" villages that abound in South Wales where pit closures 20 years ago have destroyed communities forever. I had to do my Police training in the North of England back in 1986. Because I was from the South, I had to watch out for myself BIG TIME! We were hated up there, and with some justification too. A good pointer to what it was REALLY like in those "good old days" is to check out the typrwe of music that was around. Away from the pop music, it was all pretty depressing stuff, The Specials, "Ghost Town" being a prime example.


She ended her term in power as little more than a fascist dictator (A bit strong that, but you get my sentiment!) In my opinion much of our problem with teenagers now is a direct result of the kids brought up in the Thatcher years having little or no respect for the Community as we were encouraged to look out for number one all the time!


As you can see I dont like her much!


Oh and by the way.......... Like CG, I havent forgotten about the school milk thing either, what a bitch!


This is getting interesting now!

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Andy Y. (G&NFC) said:
Like CG, I havent forgotten about the school milk thing either, what a bitch!

I detested milk as a kid - I became the youngest Young Conservative at 7 purely because Maggie took my milk away!

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Can I play.


Prior to Maggie this country was being f*ck*d by the unions, post Maggie it's f*ck*d by the government...we are still getting f*ck*d but at least we have some say in who gets to line their own pockets while they are screwing us.


If school milk was such a good thing and Maggie was an evil bitch to get rid of it why have the Labour government not reintroduced it?


If you want to compare Iraq to the Falklands I am afraid you have made the wrong comparison, General Galtieri the Argentinian right wing dictator seems a lot more like Tony Liar than Maggie ever was. Interesting that despite an unprovoked invasion the Labour party of the time where anti-war...how quickly principles go out of the window when there is a little bit of self interest involved.


You are right about the music though which is why Blairs presidency has spawned the age of the boy band, big brother the age of spin (lies) and the vacuous cult of celebrity.


Things can only get better!........whoops

<img src="/forum/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

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This is getting more interesting now!


I'll give you credit for the school milk thing Slarti!I think the reason it was never introduced (apart from financial aspect) was that the Government of the time would have to admit kids diets are being screwed up and they need extra vitamins etc...... Jamie Oliver? who is he? <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />


Yes you are right about the Unions screwing up the Country prior to El Presidento Thatcher. The Unions needed to be put back in line without doubt. My argument is that due to her policies at the time, she went completely over the top and created a problem we still have today. Not helped by watered down John Major style Thaterism and a Labour Government too right wing for its own good. Thatcher used a steamroller effect to get what she wanted and, as I have already said, Communities never recovered from it.


I'm not comparing the two wars (Iraq and Falklands) they had different factors in coming about. The Falklands was a purely national affair between two Countries whereas Iraq has Worldwide repurcussions. It could be argued, however, that both could have done with a wee bit more push from the diplomatic side before shots were fired and people died. Be honest now! Thatcher wasn't exactly slow to exploit a situation was she? I still maintain that she would never have kept in power without it and bear in mind that Blair has remained in power, despite Iraq.


One of the real differences between then and now is the freedom the press have to create heros and then knock them down. If Thatcher had been given as hard a time by the press as Blair has, she would have locked 'em all up! I'm not for one moment suggesting that Blair is some sort of "God like" Statesman, but I honestly don't believe most of the hype that is vomited out by The Daily Mail etc.


Yes the music of the early 80s! What a time to be growing up eh! On the one hand, Punk was coming of age and becoming mainstream and then on the other hand we had Bucks Fizz! No wonder we are all mixed up kiddies!

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I certainly agree with you about the Daily Mail and the rest of the newspapers are just as bad unfortunately even the BBC prefer to give us 'stories' rather than news (a couple of years ago there was a 'story' about shiploads of toxic waste heading for England and the BBC referred to them several times as 'spookships' I thought I was watching scoobydoo!.....Reginald Bosanquet would have spilt his whisky rather than broadcast that sort of crap)


I would not want you to get the wrong idea Andy, I am not and never was a fan of Maggie and I certainly have never voted Tory in my life but I do think that she did a lot more good than harm.


I actually missed most of the eighties due to alcohol and although my formative years where in the seventies I managed to avoid glamrock in favour of the sound of philly and Barry White etc...

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Did the mining industry get shafted partly because of the misguidance of Scargill? He had a chance to settle, refused & led his union members down the road of destruction?


Either way.....will be interesting to see how Labour handles an economy on the downturn. It's coming.

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