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Attention all PC nerds...

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...recently had to re-install the XP home jobby and now lost all sound. Any ideas, cause the porn clips get boring with no oohs and aahs! Biggest bummer is not being able to upload my fave radio stations.

Sorry it is off topic, but I am sure there must be at least one whizz kid amongst you all.


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Had the same thing happen last month,Coup.


Re-installed XP .Lost all my icons,modems,sound..everything.


Its very hard to recover anything that is now only in the 'program list' but not know on your computer.


I had to take my Computer to a repare shop.Cost £50 +vat to recover my sound.modem connection..etc.They reinstalled most of the other stuff as well,things like Media player 10,Microsoft bits.


You're very lucky you've still got an internet connection.


The repair place i went to in Cheshunt was excellent.Took it in,picked it up two hours later.

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Sometimes the sound fails to load on mine so i just start it again.

Update from makers of pc's website was supposed to sort it but didnt completely.

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No.l son managed to re-install the BT Broadband disc okay. Everything seems to be okay as it is all in working order, but it is just the sound that seems to have screwed up.

See, I told them to get a Mac and not some naff PC system.....


Thanks for your advice chaps anyway, but I will be back giving you all grief again soon!

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Perish the thought that they might find on my hard drive that we have only ever beaten Eton Manor away once in seven seasons!

I have a man who can who does home visits normally, so I will probably have to contact him again.

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