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I'm going to attempt an hour with my feet on the desk and a bit of shut eye.

Them [****!!****] trains better stay on time !!!!!!


Zeal - I do hope you'll be sueing them b*stards from Q? I went through my text messages this morning and I did get that one at 0145, I don't remember it but it wasn't sitting as a message on my phone when I woke up which sugggests I was still awake at 0145.


And if a double decker bus .............

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I feel like a double-decker bus has crashed into us this morning. I don't normally get headaches this bd after drinkging. I've only just got into work. Snakebite and blacks are the work of an evil force,.


Listen to Sylvia by Focus everyone. It fking rocks. It was cedrtainly rocking my houswe at 2am this mornig!!

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Especially when they are stella and scrumpy jack!!!!!!


My boss was in at 7.30 this morning, an hour earlier than normal and informed me I was being assessed this morning, one of the questions was regarding being fit for duty (eg not still pissed) and he passed me on that, I spent the first hour wolfing down water and even half a walls vienetta in order to get rid of the smell of booze.

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