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I would have thought the club will have to wait for the fixtures to be announced before they can plan any friday games. Personally i can`t see many teams agreeing to play on friday nights, it`s more hassle for them with nothing to gain.

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should not effect us at all, different pruduct, different market place.


Also you have got to question anybodys sanity if they spend money on Westham.


When they lose a couple of games and are mathmatically relegated by december their fans will leave in droves.

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Most West Ham games will probably be on a Sunday or a Monday night because of SKY especially if they're playing one of the bigger clubs.

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Just my thoughts but in an area already dominated by West Ham and Southend, it will be hard to attract many more fans.

Unless, this idea of a new stadium at Waterside comes off.

A fresh start in an area more accessable and don't mean to harsh here, but likely to be more welcoming than at present.

It's a big step however and the fear if not properly funded normally means the end.

Big decisions ahead that really need to look ahead into the future on a number of factors

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