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Carnival? (again)

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Beings that we have a lorry firm sponsering us this season, I think the club should definetly make a float, or at least attempt to. Also I see that the finishing place of the route is clarence park, so maybe an event at the club or discount on prices if we have a match that day. This will surely encourage some people to come down.

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[****!!****] me, somebody has actually pulled there finger out there [****!!****] and done it. Never thought that would ever happen, is this the 3rd or 4th year its been suggested? Oh well. Maybe get Bazza in goal and let the kiddies take 3 penalties for say 50p?

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Hi Mad.


They can speak for themselves, of course, but I know that one of the things that causes a little minor irritation among the Supporters Club Committee is when various individuals say "Oi! I've had a good idea. Why don't we do ........", when what they mean is "Oi! i've had a good idea. Why don't you do ......".


I have a slightly different perspective that some members of that Committee, Mad. I believe that they should 'lead' as much as 'do'. However, I fully recognise that they have the benefit of far greater experience that I, and, of course, I don't know anything about football. For good reasons, of course, you can't get to many matches or activities, but you should bear in mind that there are far less volunteers today than there were 5 years or so ago.


At the Supporters Club AGM, there was reference to a stall of some kind in the Park itself on the day of the carnival but no-one mentioned that there is to be a float or that the ground will be open. Well done. I'll put it down to the 'new blood'.

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Well, when I first mentioned it many moons ago, nobody seemed to like the idea, anyway its good to see they have pulled the stops out, lets just see if the float can make it there in one piece. Much love and respect to the supporters club.

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Hi AFF et al,


The float, if it goes ahead, will be a joint venture with the St Albans Observer and the Rugby and Cricket clubs of St Albans. Delicate negotiations are continuing... There will be a stall selling Saints merchandise including the new shirts.


Also, the ground itself will NOT be open, to prevent people having barbecues in the centre circle, or worse, but the bar WILL be open and signposted courtesy of the Observer, again.


I'm sure a newsletter explaining all this in detail will be available in due course.

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