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Mystery Man

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So who is the mystery man that Liam is close to signing??


For those of you out of the area, the Reporter says Liam has refused to be drawn on the name of the player or even his position, as he does not want to alert other clubs of the players availability


Apparently its a player hes been tracking for a while and Liam hopes to have finalised something before the weekend.


Sounds interesting, doesnt it?

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Whoever wrote those player biographies a) Needs to get an education and B) Needs to cut out the libel.


Also Rob Owen losing his shirt at Fleet to Lee Spiller? Wrong.


People disappointed to have lost Pinnock. Wrong.


Us bidding 20K for Carruthers?


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Oi Oi Sunshine Jimmy you pillock listen



The points you claim are wrong are right!!


Some fan you are!! You have just made yourself look a complete idiot.

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Well he got the bit about Owen & Spiller from Whitebucket, and the £20,000 for Carutthers was the figure banded about on the Dover board when we made the offer.


I spoke to Andy at the time and the amount we offered would not have made him our highest transfer fee paid.

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Yet again I don't agree Gary! James was a very good little player ok he might not have scored loads of goal but he played well when he was needed to!


Oh well the New man will be..........????


<img src="/forum/images/graemlins/rockon.gif" alt="" />The New Season

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Glan Aitken! Didn't he play for Wimbledon, bit old now, might be good in the admin department, not a 20 goals a season man though. Lol <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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