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Canvey "promoted"

Joe White

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Breaking news from the Daily Liar.........

"Owing to irregularities from the top 17 clubs in the Conference, Canvey have been promoted to the League Two for next season."

Unfortunately Jeff has only 24 hours to name a squad for next season and needs your help to decide which of our current squad are good enough to play in the league.

Can you help?

NOTE: For all you gulible people out there, this is not true, I simply made it up to create a bit of close season interest and banter. For all others, which players can we take into League Two?

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Good job you put that clasue in about being "gullible" <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />


Difficult to answer.


League 2 is a big step up - same as Ryman to Conf. Nat.


Persoanlly, I don't think that many.


Lee, if he gets the service - although the standard of defending is a lot greater, so not sure what sort of impact he may make.


When you consider how many of our squad have played in the league ie Mints, Sedgemore, Mcghee etc. you'd like to think a fair number would be able to make the jump. However, in reality I'm not that convinced.........

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Players in our squad at the moment good enough to play in League Two would be:


Danny Potter

Ashley Harrison

Glen Johnson

Dave McGhee

Dave Theobald

Steve Ward

Kevin Dobinson (if he was fit and had a contract)

Jon Keeling

Jeff Minton

Mario Noto

Ben Sedgemore

Lee Boylan

Leon Gordon

Neil Gregory

Jason Hallett


Get another 5 players in for other positions and obviously go full-time and i think that is an interesting squad.

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A Non E Mouse said:

Good job you put that clasue in about being "gullible" <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />


Lee, if he gets the service -


So I take that’s an overhaul of the whole squad as in the opinion of a Basildon fan of non league footy in general not a fan of a particular club who use to think for their style of play you lot where great he described the play in the second third (this is a bit of a guess as to time from memory) of this season as school boy

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Neither did I!!! Sedgy and Lee Boylan would definitely be good enough for league 2. Would like to see Mario play at league level. He certainly has the skill and attitude to play in the football league.

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I think that if our players play to their full ability then quite a of them could play league football. I think the most likely would be:


Boylan, Theobald, Minton, Keeling, Noto & Sterling


However, I think Dominic Stering could but as he's already stated he wants to stay part time, as I think does Jon Keeling. I'd love to see Keeling play against league teams for a season because I think he would be a revelation!

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players i feel that could make the step are into league 2 would be:


Potter - one of the best keepers out of the league

Minton, sedgemore,minton,noto, keeling (but as mentioned by TGE, wants to stay part time)


Boylan could make the step up and i would like to think in a few years time hallet aswell. he has got the potential but only time will tell.

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