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An Innocent Man Exonerated and Cleared.

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And hopefully all the greedy... grasping... lying perjuring carpetbaggers will now be brought to task for the spiteful and self serving evidence that they gave that no one believed...


it was always a crusade against jackson by the redneck kluxer from the DA's office and evidence given from parents who sought to rip jackson off.....


a man who has given so much has been ruined by the redneck justice system........


well done the land of the free and the home of the brave....


the jury were for sure brave...and jackson is rightfully free....

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strange comment that...I had Dan down for being many things but not a loser....


strange also that I thought that innocent men were actually....errr...... innocent.....


are you saying that justice be damned and everyone if they are black or weird are actually guilty....?


white hoods for all I suppose.... <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/shocked.gif" alt="" />

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Just goes to show the Yanks slant on life.


They obviously believe it is perfectly NORMAL to sleep with young boys who aren't related to you, as long as your face is plastic and you dangle you're own children over hot balconies.


Nice one Unc !


New conspiracy theory surfacing.


JFK was assasinated on the direct orders of J Edgar......... NAH ! Can't be true. This is the U.S. where everything is normal and above board.


(titters into breakfast tea-cup !) [color:"black"]

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whatever jackson is or isn't...in the eyes of the law he is now innocent of the maverick charges brought against him by the 'mad dog'...DA....


as is normal in the land of the free the money is now spinning...mad dog has already sold his book and jackson lawyer is set for life....the scumbag liars who perjured themselves for gain will profit still and the only sadddo out of the whole lot is the music maker himself....


is he a paedo...who knows...who cares...his judgement is certainly flawed thats for sure but he is a free man...


albeit 160 million bucks in debt....

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Fiona Phillips on GMTV got all stroppy for him and declared she would definately let her kids sleep with him.

SSSSHhhhh....Don't tell social services.


Having had some experience with yankee justice i can confirm that he was innocent from day one, All rich & famous people are there.

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.............So there is A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y no truth to the question,


"What are the similarities between M.J. and a Play-Station 2 ??


They are both made of plastic and get turned on by kids !! [color:"black"]


<img src="/forum/images/graemlins/whistling.gif" alt="" />

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