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James Smith

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OK good point, but if these two Welling players (Slatter & Smith) are as highly regarded as it would appear then why does it matter what division they were playing in ? providing Daish feels they are better than what we already have.

Certainly as regards Smith, it appears that Ade Pennock is very reluctant to lose him.

Also harking back to Andy Ford, look at the gems he found in the lower leagues, but I also agree that we should also be looking higher up the league ladder as there are a considerable quantity of players out there looking for a contract.

There is also the obvious thought that some higher league players may feel it beneath them to come down to the Conference, i'm sure that attitude is still rife,so there is something to be said for a young up and coming star from a lower league eager to prove himself.

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James Smith is an excellent young talent, I’m sure he will go from strength to strength whatever side he plays for next season.


Even though he was our "Bad Boy" last season with 2 Red Cards all he needs is a little more experience. I’m sure well see Football League clubs sniffing about soon enough…





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Aside from the couple of decent fans that have come on here, they really are the most miserable begrudging bunch of whingers. We sign two of their better players, they get half a dozen of ours, and they seem to hate us with a passion... merely because we're Conference and therefore 'arrogant'.


Get over it Welling.

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